Sash Windows Staffordshire Provide a Full Installation Service

Sash Windows Staffordshire will always affirm the date of installation, keeping in mind any pre-recorded arrangements or concerns before we complete the product manufacturing. When Sash Windows Staffordshire install new windows we want to keep the authentic functioing of the sash whilst consficating saddles such has draughts and noise rattling.


Installation of Classic Sash Windows in Stafford

It is important to Sash Windows Staffordshire that the quality of the installation work is as professional as the components that we use. You can be reassured that all Sash Windows Staffordshire windows are fitted with high funcitoning security locks, weather seals and fasteners.


Install of Classic Elegant Windows in Ashbourne

By using only the best, experienced window craftsmen Sash Windows Staffordshire are able to blend together the traditional charm of sash windows with contemporary componants. Sash Windows Staffordshire will always try to renovate rather than replace the windows you have, whilst improving their usefulness and appearance.

Sash Windows Staffordshire are a Staffordshire based company

By carrying out repairs to the window's frame or sill, Sash Windows Staffordshire will eventually leave you with an entire window that looks and functions like new. To ensure your sash windows always perfom at top quality, Sash Windows Staffordshire only ever work with experienced & highly-qualified craftsmen.

Sash Windows Staffordshire appreciates the level of disrutpion that having window restoration or replacment can make & will ever leave your home in a tidy and guarded plight. All Sash Windows Staffordshire's installers are able to offer detailed enlighten on the alternatives that are available to your and your windows.

You can be assured that Sash Windows Staffordshire will always remove and dispose of any old windows or componants at Sash Windows Staffordshire so that you don't have the need to.

Sash Windows Staffordshire window fitters will be delivered to you together with dust sheets, brushes and vacuums to confirm your home is left as tidy as it was before the task started. After your windows have been well fitted or restored, the Sash Windows Staffordshire fitter will make sure you are absolutely contented with the activity they have completed.


As original sash windows vary considerably in appearance and proportions, the installation of new units by Sash Windows Staffordshire will need to be configured To meet your individual requirements. Before Sash Windows Staffordshire arrive to begin work on your windows, you may have to to take small measures of preperation such as removing curtains and blinds.